RANA 220-4


The RANA 220-4 is a 220mm X configuration racing frame with a robust 4mm unibody plate.

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Slightly heavier than the 220-3R and designed to withstand more impacts while still maintaining the great flight characteristics of the 220-3R. Some would call it a “beater” or “practice” quad. These frames have been tested to give you the best perfomance and durable design to ensure all your electronics are not exposed keeping them protected and safe. Optimal pilot skill level is beginner to advanced.


4mm Lower Unibody 3K Carbon Fiber Plate
2 ea Camera Sidewalls
1 ea Upper Carbon Plate
6 ea M3x6mm Black steel screws
6 ea M3x8mm Black steel screws
4 ea 35mm Aluminum Standoffs
2 ea Battery strap


Frame SET Weight 109.5g
Lower Plate 83.5g
Upper Plate 7.5g
Sidewall set 3g
Standoffs 8g
Screws set 3.5g
Strap 4g


Motor 22mm
PDB 30mm
Camara OWL, Owl Plus, HS1177 style housings
Prop 4″ and 5″


This Frame is designed for Racing and should only be used by professionals or supervised personnel only. Frame could fail due to improper assembly or due to misuse. TM Drones does not take responsibility for any accident or injury as a result of use by unsupervised non professionals, improper assembly, or due to misuse.

Additional information

Weight .430 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 8 x .25 in
Standoffs Color

Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red