Welcome to the BlackWidow, our first stretch 220mm Racing Quad. This light weight quad is very durable with easy to replace 4mm Arms which only requires the removal of two screws. Even better, the screws are easy to get to and are not related to the FC mounting screws like those other frames have, which is an enormous time-saver when you are pressed for time at racing events. Additionally, BlackWidow frames can go from analog to HD simply by replacing the upper sidewalls. Converting to Connex has never been easier. Swapping from analog to Connex only requires the removal of four easy to get to screws. This BlackWidow was designed to be your main analog racing and practice quad, and we incorporated the Connex hardware into it, and not the other way around, like other frames companies do. The Connex sidewall kit, comes with the 3D printed VTX mount, Camera and racing antenna support. The design of the BlackWidow truly allows for adjustable camera angles with two screws to prevent the camera from moving when crashes occur. We also have designed a versatile GoPro mount that only takes seconds to install and remove. The BlackWidow fits all new 4 in 1 ESC’s and cameras, and is intended to fly on 5″ props. In the near future we will be offering 6″ and 3″ prop arms that can be installed on this frame as well.

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-4 ea 4mm Arm 5 in Props

-1 ea 2mm Upper plate

-1 ea 2mm Lower plate

-2 ea 3mm Sidewall

-3 ea 28mm Black aluminum spacers

-6 ea 3x6mm  Stainless Screws

-12 ea 3x12mm Stainless Screws

-12 ea 3mm  Stainless Locknuts

-4 ea 3x20mm Stainless Screws

-1 ea 3D spolier

-1 ea Battery Strap

-4 ea 2x6mm Stainless Screws

-1 ea Battery pad



-Total weight with hardware/skirt and battery strap: 100g

-225mm motor to motor

-30×30 FC/4 in 1 Stack



Recommended build components

-4 ea TurboMach 2206 2550kv Motors

-4 ea TurboMach 30a 2-4s ESC or Raceflight 4 in 1 Bolt ESC

-1 ea Raceflight Flight Controller

-1 ea Frsky XM+,  XSR or Spektrum DSMX or Quad Race Serial Receiver w/ Telemetry

-1 ea Runcam Swift Owl Plus Or Swift 2

-1 ea TBS race VTX

-1 ea Lumenier AXII antenna

-1 ea Diatone PDB unless using a 4 in 1 ESC

-1 ea 16 AWG XT60 Pigtail

-1 set of DAL T5046c Props


Additional Information

Weight .400 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 5 x 2 in

4 OF JULY, Black, BlackWidow Black spoiler, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red