BlackWidow V2


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, along comes the BlackWidow V2.  We have managed to reduce the size and weight, while increasing the strength and durability.  With Micro Cameras becoming the norm, the Black widow V2 comes ready to receive your favorite Micro camera of choice.  Additionally in keeping with the Black Widow tradition, the V2 was also designed to easily convert to HD/Connex or full sized Analog cameras with just a few Optional Accessories or selecting that model from the star. Furthermore building and maintenance couldn’t be any easier, with an easily accessible isolated flight stack an arms capable of being swapped out with the removal of just two screws, assembly and disassembly becomes a breeze.  Not only was the BlackWidowV2 designed for racing but also Winning, just ask our Team Pilot Mark” McGap” Braymer.   Due to its versatility, it’s also perfect for Freestyle and even some Long range cruising, capable of swinging a 5 1/2 inch prop without any modification.

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-4 ea 4mm Arm 5″ , also fits 5.5″ Props

-1 ea 2mm Mid plate

-1 ea 2mm Lower plate

-1 ea 2mm Top plate or 3mm Sidewalls ofr regular size camera or Connex, Depends on the pick

-4 ea 28mm Black aluminum spacers

-4 ea 3x6mm  Stainless Screws (Upper Screws for Top Plate)

-8 ea 3x12mm Stainless Screws (4 ea for Arm attach and 4 ea for lower standoff attach)

-4 ea 3mm  Stainless Locknuts (For Arm attach)

-4 ea 3x20mm Stainless Screws (For FC)

-2 ea Micro Camera 3D support

-1 ea Battery Strap

-4 ea 3mm Stainless Nuts

-1 ea Battery pad

-1 ea 3D antenna support

-2 ea antenna tubes


-Total weight: 81 gr (includes 3D parts, aluminum heavy duty standoff and all steel screws)

-225mm motor to motor

-30×30 or 20×20 FC/4 in 1 Stack

Recommended build components

-4 ea TurboMach 2206 2550kv Motors

-4 ea TurboMach 30a 2-4s ESC or Raceflight 4 in 1 Bolt ESC

-1 ea Raceflight Flight Controller

-1 ea Frsky XM+,  XSR or Spektrum DSMX or Quad Race Serial Receiver w/ Telemetry

-1 ea Runcam Micro Camera

-1 ea TBS race VTX

-1 ea Lumenier AXII antenna

-1 ea Diatone PDB unless using a 4 in 1 ESC

-1 ea 16 AWG XT60 Pigtail

-1 set of DAL T5046c Props

Additional information

Weight .250 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 1 in

BlackWidow V2 6” ARM Roll Cadge design, BlackWidow V2 Connex design, BlackWidow V2 Sidewall design, BlackWidow V2 Top Design


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