BlackWidow V2 3″ Frame


Welcome to the family the BlackWidow V2 3″, this is a perfect racing drone for tight race tracks or large indoor events, like the Large 5″ blackWidow V2, you can replace the ARM with easy access screw, without the need of removing or loosing your FC stack, this quad is being in the Test for a little while know and is being push to the test.

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-4 ea 3mm Arm for 3″   Props

-1 ea 2mm Mid plate

-1 ea 2mm Lower plate

-1 ea 2mm Top plate

-4 ea 25mm Black aluminum spacers

-4 ea 3x6mm  Stainless Screws (Upper Screws for Top Plate)

-4 ea 3x12mm Stainless Screws (4 ea for Arm attach)

-4 ea 3x8mm Stainless Screws (4 ea for lower standoff attach)

-4 ea 3mm  Stainless Locknuts (For Arm attach)

-4 ea 3x20mm Stainless Screws (For FC)

-2 ea Micro Camera 3D support

-1 ea Battery Strap

-4 ea 3mm Nylon Nuts for the FC screws

-1 ea Battery pad

-1 ea 3D antenna support

-2 ea antenna tubes


-Total weight: 46 gr (includes camera mount, aluminum heavy duty standoff and all steel screws)

-158 mm motor to motor

– 20×20 FC/4 in 1 Stack

Recommended build components

-4 ea 1407 size Motors

-4 ea Raceflight Spark  4 in 1 ESC

-1 ea Raceflight Milivolt Flight Controller

-1 ea Frsky XM+,  XSR or Spektrum DSMX or Quad Race Serial Receiver w/ Telemetry

-1 ea Runcam Micro Camera

-1 ea TBS race VTX or Runcam TX200 VTX

-1 ea Lumenier AXII  U.FL antenna

-1 ea 16 AWG XT30 Pigtail

-1 set of RaceKraft 3070 Props

Additional information

Weight .156 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 1 in


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