2017 MulitGP Alamo City Region 4A Qualifier

TMdrones team pilots BuboFPV and Garz will be attending the at Solms Park in New Braunfels, Texas tomorrow at 8:30AM! Dont miss a mini quad race of epic proportions with most of all the top pilots from Texas battling it out for the top 5 spots to secure themselves into the 2017 MulitGP Alamo City […]

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First Official MultiGP Tiny Whoop Race in San Antonio, Texas!!! is proud to host the first annual official MultiGP Tiny Whoop class racing event here in our very own facility with the help of our friends from RCHQ. Over 12 pilots will compete for a chance to win some amazing prizes while they fly around the shop’s aerospace themed (naturally, of course :-p) obstacle […]

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Holiday Party and Raceday

DroneWorlds 2016

Proud to announce Team USA as DroneWorlds 2016 Team Champions represented by our on pilot Chris Garza, fallow by Team Korea on 2nd places and Team UK represented by our pilot David Granc on 3rd place.

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Drone Worlds

Chris Carza prepping for his trip to Drone Worlds this month Oct 16-25

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DRL Drone Racing

Don’t forget to tune in Friday, September 23 to ESPN 2 to watch DRL Drone Racing

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